AI-Driven Application Platform
Create Applications Using
Natural Language
Out-of-the-box Integration with GCP Services
Trillo is a scalable, low-code, no-code option for all types of applications.

Trillo's main differentiator is it's Natural Language (NL) interface for capturing the application specifications. The NL specification is used to generate the boilerplate application, which runs on the top of Trillo Runtime (available on the public, private clouds, and on-premise).

Trillo Runtime is available on GCP, AWS & Azure. It can easily be deployed on a private cloud or data center.

Trillo is a full-stack platform covering all three major layers, UI, Data and Integration/Orchestration. Its Natural Language Processing capabilities vastly simplify and accelerate application delivery. Trillo provides integration with an extensive ecosystem of cloud services from GCP, AWS, & Azure. It is a low-code offering and eliminates DevOps.

Why Trillo
Complete Solution Delivery

We, together with our partners, deliver a complete solution.

Start with a proof-of-concept and gradually build the final application. Our application templates jump-start the process.
Full Service on GCP and AWS

On Google Cloud and AWS, we provide the full-service with or without our platform. We provide out-of-the-box integration with GCP/AWS APIs and services.

We optimize the GCP/AWS resource usage for the best price to performance ratio.
High Speed at a Lower Cost

Use our expertise or out-of-the-box integration with GCP/AWS APIs to shorten the timeframe significantly.

Use our platform to jump-start the modernization of an existing application or a new application.

Trillo is a secure platform covering authentication, authorization, compliance, encryption, tiering, separation of responsibilities, key/certificate rotation, keystore management, etc. transparently.

We follow all the best security practices.
Cloud Agnostic

Although we are a Google partner and provide Trillo Runtime out-of-the-box on GCP, the Trillo Platform is cloud-agnostic.

It is containerized and clustered using Kubernetes. Therefore, Trillo runs on any public, private cloud, or on-premise.
No CI/CD Hassles

Trillo is a serverless architecture, yet it provides 100% support for the business logic using functions-as-a-service and customization.

It deploys the application from a Git repository directly. It means you don't have CI/CD hassles and, yet, have the full power of Git for the team collaboration and version control.

Customer's Kudos
"We built our Vehicle Storage System in weeks using Trillo and deployed on cloud."
Naresh Sawhney
CEO, Valet
Valet is a multi-tenant application for managing storage of recreational vehicles (RV's).
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