Application Development Platform
Create intelligent (AI/ML) solutions in InsureTech, HealthTech, and all other domains
Design applications using natural language (English)
Build applications using legacy data and existing services
Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Trillo is an AI-Driven applications platform for developing enterprise-class applications. Its Natural Language Processing capabilities vastly simplify and accelerate application delivery. Trillo provides integration with an extensive ecosystem of cloud services from GCP, AWS, & Azure. It is a low-code offering and eliminates DevOps.
The Trillo platform provides substantial benefits
Faster time to market
at lower cost
Software fidelity
through rapid iteration
Less handwritten
source code,
leading to
fewer bugs
Stable, serverless &
model driven
Public and private
clouds support
Simple deployment
into a cloud-based
Trillo Case Studies
"We built our Vehicle Storage System in weeks using Trillo and deployed on cloud."
Naresh Sawhney
CEO, Valet
Valet is a multi-tenant application for managing storage of recreational vehicles (RV's).
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How Trillo Works
  • App Builder: Our App Builder is entirely web-based and requires no client install.
  • App Builder: Prototype your user interface using test data within days, and review with users.
  • App Builder: Specify your data visually to automatically create database tables, and publish API's to work with your data. For existing data sources, discover your schema and work with it within minutes.
  • App Builder: Specify internal and external API services (OAuth2 enabled).
  • App Builder: Use Trillo Flow or serverless functions to orchestrate and integrate backend business flows.
  • Runtime: Your prototype starts morphing into a real application and can be experienced on mobile & desktop devices.
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