10X Time to Market Advantage
Build Web App on Cloud

Deliver MVP quickly.
Build UI of any scale.
Transparent git integration.
Deployment from git.

Build components and stitch them together.

Truly modular approach. Build components independently or, slice components from static HTML. Drop components on a page. Navigation, routing, state management etc. are magically inferred by Trillo.

Metadata for expressive design.

Trillo uses model driven (aka metadata driven) framework. Expressive to let you describe requirements. Contextual editing of metadata makes it fun. Make changes and see its effect in real-time.

Enterprise scale UI. High performance and responsive.

Use Trillo to build UI of any scale. Break up a large application into many micro-applications. Deliver your MVP (minimum viable product) as micro-applications.

People with different roles can directly contribute to product.

Product managers, architects, UX designers, developers use Trillo and directly contribute to actual product development. Reduce communication through other channels.

Git for collaboration. Each person works in own branch.

Each person automatically and transparently works in own branch. No fear of messing up things. Try new ideas or do actual development. Decide to merge or discard. Easily deploy a branch for testing, verification or trial.

Multi device support

Trillo automatically delivers a responsive UI that works on all devices. But it is so simple that you can stitch components together and create a different UI just for the device size.