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Trillo Doc AI, Modern Enterprise Content Management Platform using LLMs

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Business Problem


Business Benefits

  • Improved knowledge worker productivity.
  • Cost reduction due to productivity and automation.
  • Preventing revenue leakage.
  • Identifying new revenue opportunity.

Trillo Doc AI Use Cases

Trillo Doc AI finds its use cases in several industry verticals. These use cases fall under one of the four patterns listed below.

Extract Knowledge

Extract Data

Extract Knowledge and Data

Documents Compliance


Cost Saving




Development Speed

Trillo Document AI

Trillo Doc AI is a modern content management systems using Large Language Models (LLMs), Its converts content into actionable data and searchable information. It consists of following stages:

  • Content Ingestion – Ingest content manually or programmatically.
  • Content Management – Extracts data and information from the content and manages into various data stores Lucene, Elasticsearch, relational databases, vector databases.
  • Content Distribution – Content and extracted information is accessed by UI and other systems for natural language search, question and answer, data download, SQL queries, etc.

Trillo File Manager

Trillo File Manager provides a simple, easy-to-use file management system for storing and managing files in Google Cloud Storage Buckets.

  • Simple UI to manage content on Google Cloud Storage Buckets
  • User and group level access control
  • Highly scalable
  • Highly secure

Trillo Workbench

Trillo Workbench is your application’s operating system for the cloud. Workbench provides 80% of the full stack code. You provide the workflows, logic, and UI, and Trillo Workbench does the rest.

  • No More Cloud Complexities
  • Prebuilt API’s for many services
  • Domain-Centric Development
  • Simplified Workflow Management

Trillo Services

Trillo provides a full service of Trillo Doc AI including customization, ongoing operation and maintenance through its partner ecosystem. In addition to that it provides the following services:

  • Conventional application development, deployment and maintenance services using Trillo Workbench.
  • Google Cloud and AWS DevOps services

Trusted by 1000+ Happy Customers

Team Trillo delivered. On-time. All the time. And like icing on the cake, they are sincere, fun & super easy to talk to & work with. We are very appreciative of all the collaboration & work put in by Trillo to help us get to where we are today

Shivani & SridharCo-CEO’s, Vishwam Corp

Trillo team lead the entire project from the design and implementation of the infrastructure, migration of the data, and even helped us write queries to get insights into our patient data. We would recommend them for any data project.

Andrew StevensProduct Manager, Eleanor Health

You really set up for success and the most important self-sufficiency. Through your training and all links provided in the GCP portal, we are able to tackle most tasks alone. What’s even more impressive is we were able to use all of this to tweak our system further and see a 30% boost in performance and stability of our system!

Alan CohenCEO, Ecom Electronics

Given Preventa Medical is a small start-up, it significantly helps to have another set of experts reviewing our HIPPA protocols. I truly feel confident that our system is drastically better after the help of Trillo than it was before.

Eric P. HasseyCTO, Preventa Medical

Unleash Innovation, Deliver Excellence with Trillo