App Builder
Build a large scale UIs on cloud
Edit backend metadata and code on cloud
Collaborate using Git
Components of App Builder
Create UI visually and edit backend metadata
App Builder Features
  • Deliver UIs in days than months.
  • Use App Builder UI on cloud inside your a browser.
  • Or, deploy Trillo Dev Server locally, and use your favorite IDE along with App Builder UI.
  • Using Trillo App Builder prototype UI (initially using test data).
  • Use several components available out of the box.
  • Build new components visually, or by editing HTML / CSS.
  • Define page flow and navigation as scenario.
  • Review prototype with users and iterate.
  • Using App Builder specify DB schema.
  • Trillo Runtime automatically creates DB tables and publishes CRUD API.
  • Use CRUD API in UI to replace test data with actual data.
  • Your prototype starts morphing into a real application.
  • Add business behavior on the client side by writing controller class.
  • Write serverless functions for the backend logic.
More About Git and Trillo Integration
  • App Builder output is stored in your Git repository.
  • Use Git for code management from App Builder.
  • Locally you can use your favorite client to code.
  • Deploy code from Git with runtime services.
  • Higher productivity due to direct deployment from Git.
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