App Builder
Build large scale UIs on the cloud
Edit backend metadata and code on the cloud
Collaborate using Git
Components of App Builder
Create UI visually and edit backend metadata
App Builder Features
  • Deliver UIs in days than months.
  • Use App Builder UI on cloud inside your a browser.
  • Or, deploy Trillo Dev Server locally, and use your favorite IDE along with App Builder UI.
  • Using Trillo App Builder prototype UI (initially using test data).
  • Use several components available out of the box.
  • Build new components visually, or by editing HTML / CSS.
  • Define page flow and navigation as scenario.
  • Review prototype with users and iterate.
  • Using App Builder specify DB schema.
  • Trillo Runtime automatically creates DB tables and publishes CRUD API.
  • Use CRUD API in UI to replace test data with actual data.
  • Your prototype starts morphing into a real application.
  • Add business behavior on the client side by writing controller class.
  • Write serverless functions for the backend logic.
More About Git and Trillo Integration
  • App Builder output is stored in your Git repository.
  • Use Git for code management from App Builder.
  • Locally you can use your favorite client to code.
  • Deploy code from Git with runtime services.
  • Higher productivity due to direct deployment from Git.
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