Customer Stories
We have delivered solutions in several large kubernetes clusters, machine learning, AI with Tensor Flow, insurance, finance, and life sciences.

Vishwam Corp needed a massively scalable solution (thousands of CPUs and 100s of GPUs). GCP Kubernetes was the optimal choice.
Other requirements were dynamic POD scaling for scalability and cost management. The pipeline was not only responsible for handling highly specialized models, but it also needed to manage massive amounts of data. Blog Post

Trillo helped Vishwam migrate to a GPU-based solution. To minimize the impact on the existing implementation, Trillo used TensorFlow Serving over gRPC. It identified the optimal combination of GPU, CPU, memory, cluster size to maximize resource utilization.
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Ecom was successfully migrated to the GCP cloud in a timely manner and is now operating wholly on the GCP infrastructure. Their monthly costs are now lower, and all their business processes are running very smoothly.
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The App is a compelling demo showcasing the rapid development capabilities of the Trillo platform. The application flow evolved during the 5-day development cycle, as Trillo enabled us to prototype and built the "real" application concurrently!

The application manages a fleet of RV's housed at a storage facility. It is fully customizable, and it allows a storage facility to assign and track an extensible number of tasks completed for each stored RV.

This is a demo of a patient monitoring application. An InVision design was converted into a live prototype using Trillo in one day.