Data Service
RESTful API's to databases
Supports server databases
Data Service Architecture
App Builder UI for Connecting with Database
  • Specify connection parameters via a simple form and test connectivity.
  • The Trillo Data Service converts your data sources to secure, RESTful services (CRUD and custom APIs).
More about Data Service Metadata
  • Data service meta data is in the form of JSON files.
  • Schema is modeled using UML (as Class, Attributes and Association).
  • Each file specifies schema of a table or collection as a class and its relationship with other classes.
  • Metadata supports properties such as primary key, indexing, access control, validation etc.
  • For existing databases, the metadata can be generated by introspecting databases.
  • New tables and collections can be specified as new JSON files.
  • Data Service automatically creates tables and collections for new tables.
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