Trillo Data Service Overview

Data Sources to Restful API In Minutes
Support for Several Data Sources.

Trillo Data Service

  • Connect with multiple data sources.
  • Autogenerate metadata by introspecting schemas.
  • Enrich metadata with security, formatting, visibility and other rules.
  • Add metadata for new database tables or logical views for data aggregation.
  • Based on metadata, Data Service publishes data sources as restful APIs.
  • Provides universal API for disparate data sources.
  • Delivered as a Docker container for easy deployment in any environment - public / private cloud, in-premise.
  • It can be clustered for scalability.

Convert data source to restful API.

  • Specify connection parameters via a simple form.
  • Test connectivity.
  • The Trillo Data Service converts your data sources to secure, restful services (CRUD and custom APIs).

Introspect schemas, generate and enhance metadata.

  • The Trillo Data Service autogenerates metadata by introspecting the schema.
  • Enhance your metadata to support business rules such as security, role based access control, formatting, derived attributes, and more.
  • Define new database tables or define views to include data from multiple data sources.
  • Aggregate data into new APIs.

Universal API interface to several data sources.

Data Service provides universal API to access data from disparate data sources - RDBMS, NoSQL, Document DB, Graph DB, files or external applications such as SalesForce.