Getting Started

Simple steps to get started. Sign-up, create a workspace and an application inside it. Select a template. It will copy components and assets of the selected template. Make changes to newly created application.

App Builder

App Builder is used on cloud to create an application. Its outputs are in the form of metadata and JavaScript functions, collective referred as applicaiton code. It saves application code in Git repository. Its documentation covers the following topics.

  • Steps to build a fully functional UI on cloud.
  • Test UI with mock data without services.
  • Integrating UI with actual services.
  • Describes how to add data-sources, introspect schemas and generate metadata.
  • How to push code to Git and synchronize with Git.

TrilloJS Framework

(Open Source)

TrilloJS is a high level JavaScript framework. It becomes a part of the Trillo generated application. Its guide covers the following topics:

  • How to add custom logic as controllers on the client-side.
  • How to extend the framework to support new types of components.
  • API document.

Trillo Web Server

Trillo Web Server documentation covers:

  • Deploy its container.
  • Generate id and secret to access its admin UI.
  • Specify Github access token for code deployment.
  • Deploy code from Git.
  • Roll back deployment.
  • Deploy multiple branches.

Trillo Data Service

Trillo Data Service documentation covers:

  • Deploy its container.
  • Connecting to data sources.
  • Introspecting data sources and generating metadata.
  • Enriching metadata with additional meta-properties.
  • Writing metadata for aggregation of data from muliple sources.
  • API documentation.

Trillo Function Service

Trillo Function Service documentation covers:

  • Deploy its container.
  • Writing business logic as functions.
  • Mapping each function to a unique API.
  • Mapping query parameters to the function signature.
  • How to access other services from the code.
  • Deploy the function with the Trillo Function Service.
  • Test and troubleshoot function.