Trillo Products

4 Products as a Low-Code Platform

App Builder

App Builder is for creating applications visually and by editing metadata. A team of people can concurrently use it on cloud to update the same application. Each user works in own branch, which is transparently managed by Trillo Server. User can periodically push the branch to a Git repository. The branches are merged to the master branch using Git UI.

Trillo Web Server

Trillo Web Server is a secure multi-tenant web server. It acts as a secure API gateway to other services. It provides integration with external services via a configurable routing table. It can serve multiple versions of the same application, thus providing foundation for multi-tenant UIs and A-B testing. It deploys code directly from Git, thus eliminating other dev-op tools such as Jenkin, Ansible etc. The direct deployment from Git also helps deliver higher productivity.

Trillo Data Service

Trillo Data Service provides data-layer integration and declarative ways of aggregating data from multiple data-sources. It exposes CRUD and aggregation functions as uniform API irrespective of data-source types (RDBMS, NoSQL, GraphDB). By introspecting schemas, it generates initial metadata. User can control access and update of fields/ tables by specifying additional meta-properties. The new APIs for aggregations can be generated by via new metadata specification.

Trillo Function Service

Trillo Function Service lets you write business logic as simple JavaScript functions. These functions are deployed with a running service and invoked using API end-points. It delivers serverless Function as a Service (FaaS) and, eliminates error prone complex services.