Trillo Platform
Go from the natural language specification to a running application.
Run the application on any public, private cloud or on-premise, with a single click.

Primary Components of Trillo Runtime
Trillo is a Full-Stack Platform

Trillo platform makes it easy to create WEB and Progressive WEB Applications (PWA).

UI can be specified in a natural language, which is translated into fully functional HTML. Thus you can build a UI quickly and yet have the full power of HTML to customize it.
Data Service

Trillo provides secure access to databases as API.

User specifies data model using a natural language or Trillo can introspect it from an existing database.

Trillo publishes database access and update as APIs. A set of security policies can be used for RBAC and security.
Functions for Business Logic

Trillo applications are serverless and use rules and functions for the business logic.

Each rule and function is automatically published by the Trillo Runtime as a secure API.

A custom microservice can also be added to its runtime cluster.
Integration Platform

Trillo provides built-in functionality of an integration platform.

It supports integration with external services using OpenAPI - Swagger. New custom connectors using HTTP, TCP or gRPC can also be added as functions.

The service orchestration can be achieved using functions.
Security Sandbox

Trillo Runtime provides a security sandbox for each application. It manages secure access to all application resources.

It manages authentication with external services using SAML and OpenID Connect. It also manages OAuth2 tokens with external and own APIs.
API Gateway

Trillo Runtime has in-built gateway to provide secure access to its APIs and external APIs.

It also acts as the Web Server to distribute the content of the application (HTML, CSS, images and other medias).