Low-Code App Builder

10X Faster Delivery of Beautiful Applications

Easy to Learn
Create Application on Cloud and Locally
Deploy On Cloud or In-premise

Building UIs as simple as creating PowerPoint animation.

  • 10X productivity.
  • Prototype to POC to enterprise class UIs.
  • Drag-n-Drop components to stitch applications.
  • Reuse of components across company.
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Data source to restful service in minutes.

  • Convert data sources (DBs and applications) into restful APIs.
  • Support for several data sources.
  • Deployed in your environment.
  • As secure as your data sources.
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Function as a Service (FaaS).
Agile Business

  • Foundation of truly agile business.
  • Write business logic as simple functions.
  • Hot deployment with pre-built services.
  • No need to build complex services.
  • Modular development and growth.

Git for collaboration and deployment.

  • Higher productivity - direct deployment from Git.
  • Git based team collaboration, a well understood process.
  • Build on cloud, yet the code is stored in your Git.