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This video discusses how Trillo helps develop application software with 100% fidelity, high quality, 4x-10x faster and at a lower cost. It discusses how serverless model-driven architecture enables quick iterations so requirements changes can be adapted easily. Trillo architecture also renders less code and therefore higher quality.

This video discusses components of Trillo platform, how serverless model-driven software is developed and deployed on Trillo.

This video shows step wise how to build an application end to end. It shows how can you stitch UI components, connect with the database as restful service.

This video demonstrates how to build a model-driven data service. It also shows how to add a new or existing data source, define tables and relationships among them?

This video shows how to script business logic as functions and upload on Trillo. Trillo brings them up as a service so you can access each endpoint as a restful service.

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