Low-Code App Builder

10X Faster Delivery of Beautiful Applications

Core Platform for SaaS Applications
Easy to Learn

Build UIs in Days than Months.

  • Deliver UIs in days than waiting for months.
  • Build prototype quickly using test data.
  • Convert the prototype to a real application by specifying API endpoints.
  • Designing UIs using Trillo is as simple as creating a PowerPoint slide.
  • Trillo makes it easy to iterate over UIs based on users' feedbacks.
  • Increases reuse of components across company.
  • The flexibility and speed of UI design translates into increased business agility.
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Save Valuable Time for
Quick Delivery of SaaS Offering.

  • Out of the box, Trillo WebServer delivers several core services required for a SaaS application.
  • You save valuable time and quickly start adding business logic.
  • It provides multi-tenant environment for hosting one or more applications.
  • Acts as a secure gateway to back-end services using OAuth2.
  • Enables easy integration with existing authentication services.
  • Manages hot deployment of code for UIs and other Trillo services.
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Integrate with Data Layer Quickly.

  • Greatly simplifies and speeds up data layer integration.
  • Convert data sources (DBs and applications) into restful APIs in minutes.
  • CRUD APIs with all common validations become available immediately.
  • Specify additional validation rules using metadata.
  • Use metadata for aggregation of data from multiple sources.
  • All APIs are secured using OAuth2.
  • Support for several data sources.
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Easily Plugin Business Logic for
Ultimate Business Agility.

  • Write business logic using Function as a Service (FaaS).
  • Hot deployment with pre-built services for higher productivity.
  • Eliminates error prone complex services.
  • Enables modular and independent development of the application.
  • Provides foundation of a truly agile business.
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Hybrid Cloud Support.
Build and Deploy Anywhere.

  • Trillo supports hybrid development and deployment.
  • Build an application on cloud using Trillo App Builder.
  • Or, develop locally using IDE.
  • In each case, the code is stored in Git.
  • Deploy directly from Git on hybrid cloud (public, private or in-premise).
  • Higher productivity due to direct deployment from Git.
  • Git based team collaboration follows the commonly used development process.