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Trillo Workbench - a Serverless Platform that delivers core functionality of an application out-of-the-box

You can easily plug-in application-specific code, saving lots of time

Trillo is Google Cloud Premier Partner

Business Benefits

Deliver better applications sooner


It takes several months or even a year to develop robustly and optimally performing common services. Trillo Workbench provides robust and high-performance common services out-of-the-box, cutting time significantly.

Reduced Pain

You have always thought, why can’t a platform provide common services, integrated and working cohesively? Trillo Workbench eliminates this repetitive work, which may consume 75% time and keep you awake at night.

Build Better Application

Since Trillo Workbench frees up your time, you can focus on building a better and complete application. The modular architecture using metadata and plug-ins lets you evolve it in stages.

Low Cost of O&M

The metadata and plug-ins architecture of Trillo Platform makes it easy to make changes, and isolate functionality in a module. In the long run, it leads to reduced costs of operation and maintenance (O&M).

Trillo Workbench is a server-side platform for building an enterprise-class application faster.
You can use any popular UI framework to build a custom user experience for your application.

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What problem does Trillo Platform solve?


A cloud application consists of several common services that must work together cohesively. There are several services, for example, database, file storage, user identity, API, etc. They make up 70-90% of an application server. A development team builds them using open-source libraries. It generally takes them several months to years and requires deep expertise in cloud architecture. After that, it takes several months and even years to attain high performance, scalability, robustness, and security.


The Trillo platform, called Trillo Workbench, delivers common services out of the box. It also makes them easily customizable without any limitations. For example, a user can specify an application-specific data model using Trillo Workbench UI or JSON files. Trillo Workbench delivers performance, scalability, and robustness on day one, saving several years of work.

Trillo platform is offered through the
Google Marketplace

Trillo Workbench works like an application operating system available on Google Cloud.
100s of customers use it on Google Cloud to run enterprise-class applications.

Once Trillo Workbench is deployed by a customer in its Google Cloud account, developers can start building applications using its user interface and APIs. They work at the application level while skipping the complexities of cloud internals. The server automatically publishes application code as restful APIs for clients’ development. For example, a UI team can build applications using its favorite UI frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, Vue, etc.

Trillo Workbench UI

Trillo Apps

Trillo Apps is a set of pre-built applications on the top of Trillo Workbench that a customer can further customize.

Trillo Apps is a set of pre-built applications using Trillo Workbench. These applications can be used out of the box or further customized. Various functions covered by these applications are Google Analytics GA4 API, Master Data Management, AI/ML jobs management, and publishing Google Cloud service as simplified APIs.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Google Cloud
Vertex AI

Google Cloud
Document AI

Google Analytics
GA4 Data API

Trillo File Manager

Trillo File Manager is an application for securely managing and sharing files using SFTP and web browsers.

A DropBox-like application on the top of Google Cloud Storage for file ingestion using SFTP and browser. You can use it out of the box for file sharing, managing, uploading, and downloading.

More about the Trillo File ManagerDeploy Trillo File Manager from Google Marketplace

Trillo Services

Trillo assists its customers in developing, deploying, and managing applications on the Google Cloud. Trillo provides design workshops covering a variety of topics of Google Cloud technologies. Trillo’s customers can benefit from thousands of dollars in credits from Google Cloud for these services.

Benefits from thousands of dollar credits available from the Google

Design Workshops Topics

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Cost Optimization
  • Architecture and security reviews
  • Performance and scalability of existing or new applications.
  • Vertex AI for model training and deployments.
  • Data Pipeline Design.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • App Engine, Compute Engine, Firebase applications.
  • AWS migration design.
  • Application modernization design.
  • Workshops to help fix recurring problems in the application.
  • BigQuery – query and schema optimization.

Application Deployment on Google Cloud

  • Implementation of data pipelines.
  • Workflows and orchestration for data ingestion from legacy and external APIs (examples – legacy on-premise, NetSuite, Workday, SalesForce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Dialog Flow ES and CX implementation.
  • AI/ML models development using Vertex AI and compute engines.
  • AI/ML models deployment.
  • Large-scale GKE deployments.
  • App Engine and compute engine deployments.
  • Firebase Application.

Application Development

  • Application Modernization in healthcare, manufacturing, education, business process automation, and retail supply chain.
  • DataWarehousing using BigQuery for several customers in healthcare, media, education, telecom, retail supply chain..
  • AI/ML Model Development in education, customer service,
  • Telehealth applications.
  • DICOM image management using Google Cloud DICOM store.
  • Dialog Flow ES/CX for customer service, Q&A
  • User Experience Design and UI Development using API servers running on Google Cloud.
  • Business process automation using Document AI for a mortgage processor.
  • Information extraction from unstructured text documents using NLP.
  • AI/ML models for insurance (damage detection) and aviation (security around aircraft)

Better Applications Sooner