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Instant Applications on Cloud

Slash cost up to 90%

Slash time up to 90%

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Using low-code Trillo Workbench

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Trillo Workbench and one of its applications Trillo File Manager are available in the Google cloud marketplace.
Deploy in your cloud in a few clicks or contact us.

Server-side Low-code Platform

Trillo Workbench is a platform similar to Google's Firebase.

Firebase is for NoSQL, and Trillo Workbench is for relational databases. Both are low-code platforms for creating an application by configuration and serverless business logic.

Trillo Workbench takes a holistic approach toward a low-code server platform. Thus, it goes beyond Firebase.

Trillo Workbench helps build Google Cloud applications and solutions for 10%-20% cost and time by packaging standard functions in a runtime.

90% Cost and Time-Saving

Trillo Workbench can help you save up to 90% time and cost. You can customize it, or the Trillo team, its partners, or the community can help you customize applications. There is no vendor lock. You can still build the application you are otherwise building using the savings. In the meantime, you have something to sell and go to market.

How Trillo Workbench achieves 90% saving

The 50%-90% of any application is standard. It deals with non-functional aspects such as database, security, workflow, scalability, etc. Yet, to mix the application logic with the standard code, you need to recreate all of it. Despite several existing libraries, it requires heavy lifting. Why not simply slide in the application's logic into a running engine, and voila, here comes the application. You don't have to build 50-90%.

Trillo Workbench Components

Trillo Workbench consists of common services and customizable applications. There is no limit, new applications can be created quickly. Just ask us and we may already have it or build it.

Common Services

Applications template

  • Data Warehouse – Create a data warehouse using Trillo Workbench and BigQuery or Cloud SQL by integrating Netsuite, Workday, Salesforce, API, files, etc.
  • Document AI – Process millions of documents using OCR and Farm parser. Trillo Workbench streamlines the process by adding file ingestion, preprocessing, calling Document AI, post-processing, storing structured data in DB, and publishing as API.
  • Natural Language Processing – Trillo Workbench extracts text from several types of document and media files, preprocesses them, interfaces with Google or custom AI NLP models, stores results in DB, and publishes them as API.
  • Similarity/Semantic Matching – Trillo Workbench indexes texts from files using Vertex AI Matching Engine, provides API to search matching documents enabling use cases such as resumes with jobs, course with questions. Trillo Workbench hides the complexities of the pipeline.
  • Files Management – Trillo File Manager provides Dropbox-like functionality on the top of Google Cloud Storage buckets. It comes with security, access control, Web UI, and SFTP.
  • Vision AI – Trillo Workbench automates workflows using Vision AI for use cases such as defect detection for insurance or quality control, object detection on the packaging line, etc.
  • Healthcare Applications – Trillo integrates with Google’s healthcare APIs for DiCOM, FHIR, HL7v2, and natural language processing APIs.
  • Retails AI – Provide your product catalog as CSV, XML, API; Trillo Workbench can do the rest to enable Google’s Retail AI.
  • New Applications – For new applications, Trillo Workbench works as a platform similar to the Firebase except that it uses relational databases, whereas Firebase uses NoSQL.

Data as a Service

Trillo Workbench converts Google Cloud SQL into Data-as-a-Service without any coding. Specify database schema using JSON or UI. Once the metadata is specified, the workbench automatically delivers secure APIs for the database operation. For existing databases, you can introspect its schema. It supports Cloud SQL Postgres, MySQL, and MS SQL. Trillo Workbench provided data-as-a-service is proven, secure and high performance. Trillo Workbench provides a similar abstraction for Cloud SQL as Firebase does for the FireStore (NoSQL).

File Management

A part of Workbench and available separately, Trillo File Manager provides DropBox or GDrive-like file management functionality on the top of the Cloud Storage bucket. It scales to petabytes. Use Trillo-provided UI, customize UI (free source code license) or build your UI using its APIs. Trillo File Manager has in-built support for SFTP.

Serverless Functions for Business Logic

Use Trillo Workbench hosted serverless functions or Google Cloud Functions for the business logic in any programming language of your choice. Use Trillo Functions to write long-running backend jobs with detailed audit logs, scheduling, queuing features. Trillo customers use it for several data integration tasks involving NetSuite, Workday, SalesForce, files, etc.

Workflow Management

Trillo Workbench provides a runtime system and diagramming UI for long-running backend workflows. A workflow is a multi-stage pipeline with extensive logic for event handling, state transition, error handling, logging, alerts. Trillo customers are running several of these workflows automating data processing, data ingestion, data warehouse, data preparation, and AI/ML pipelines.

Google Services Integration

In addition to Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage buckets, Trillo Workbench integrates with several services such as – BigQuery, BigTable, AI/ML APIs for transcoding, transcription, NLP AI, Vision AI, translation, and similarity matching engine. In several cases, we add new services when asked by a customer without any charge to the customer (unless the requirement is a one-off case).

User and Role Based Access Control

Trillo workbench provides extensible user, roles, and groups management applications out of the box. User management application provides Google Identity Platform and, using it, supports multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on (SAML, LDAP). The runtime enforces the roles. For example, if a table is assigned a role in its meta definition, the runtime will not allow a user to access the table without it.

How Trillo Workbench works?

Building applications with Trillo consists of two steps that require no knowledge of cloud,
1) Author metadata of the application using UI, and 2) Write serverless functions.

New Application Development

  1. Specify metadata such as schema, roles, config files using workbench UI.

  2. Write serverless functions using abstracted workbench API.

  3. Rest is taken care by Trillo Workbench including backend tasks and workflows.

Building Data Warehouse using BigQuery

  1. Review auto generated schema for external applications.

  2. Customize existing serverless functions (also referred as recipes) or write a new.

  3. Serverless functions available for several applications such as NetSuite, Workday, Salesforce, several EMRs, 10K, files.

Document AI
(OCR and Parsing Unstructured Data)

  1. Upload files using Trillo File Manager (SFTP, HTTPs)

  2. An existing and customizable pre-processor processes files.

  3. Trillo Workbench manages a a task interfacing with the Document AI.

  4. A post-processor applies other models and heuristics and stores result in the Cloud SQL.

Speech-to-Text and NLP

  1. Upload files using Trillo File Manager (SFTP, HTTPs)

  2. Transcoding using Trillo Workbench functions.

  3. Trillo Workbench manages a a task interfacing with the Speech-to-Text.

  4. A post-processor, store data in the database or trigger a second pipeline for NLP, Maching.

Retail AI (OCR and Parsing Unstructured Data)

  1. Upload product catalog using Trillo File Manager (SFTP, HTTPs)

  2. Process file for sanity, log errors.

  3. Process validated catalog using Google Merchant Center API. Log errors.

  4. Use Google Merchant Center recommendation AI to show products to user.

  5. Merchant Center publishes products to the Google Search.

Use Cases

Trillo has readymade templates for several use cases that can be customized quickly to deliver the solutions as per your requirements. Some of these templates are described below.

01. Data Warehouse

  • Ingest data from several data sources (Sales Force, NetSuite, Oracle, Workday, APIs, etc.).
  • Data transformation scripts.
  • Data caching, creating materialized views.
  • Scheduling queries, federated queries to create materialized views.
  • Scheduling data ingestion tasks.
  • Extensive logging and reporting of the processing pipeline.

02. AI Driven Workflows

  • Insurance claim processing using AI vision (damage, object detection).
  • Photo gallery processing using AI driven editing.
  • Curriculum mapping on outcomes using NLP similarity matching.
  • OCR, Document AI for processing documents and extracting structured data.

03. AI Vision

  • Creating a training pipeline.
  • Creating inference clusters.
  • Object detection, damage detection model.
  • AI Driven photo/image editing and enhancements

04. Storage

  • Storing documents, vidoes, images in the cloud storage (Terabytes of data).
  • Text and metadata extraction from the files.
  • Search indexing.
  • Access control rules to control file and folder access to users with certain roles, or in a group.
  • SFTP to transfer files (in addition to the gsutil).
  • UI for browsing, upload/ download, sharing

05. New Web Applications

  • Uses our inbuilt user management applications
  • Create new database tables, databases using UI (no coding needed).
  • Write business logic as serverless code and deploy in a click.
  • Scalability, security, compliance, etc are inbuilt.

06. Natural Language Processing

  • Text similarity matching – such as resumes vs jobs, question vs content.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Entity extraction.
  • Semantic search.
  • BERT transformers.

Trillo Applications

Trillo Applications are customizable end-to-end applications (Open Source Code). The can be used out of the box or extended.

Trillo Text Matching

Using Vertex AI Matching Engine, Trillo Text Matching provides end to end processing. It extracts text from files and indexes for matching. A target document is matched against the indexed document for the similarities.It uses custom models for embedding.

Trillo File Manager

Trillo File Manager is an application like GDrive or Dropbox on the top of Google Cloud Storage. It has an UI and supports SFTP for file transfer.

Trillo NLP

Trillo NLP extracts text from files and processes using Google Natural Language AI or custom models for analysis such as sentiment, entity recognition, classification.

Trillo Vision AI

Using Google Vision AI or custom models, Trillo Vision AI provides end to end processing for several vision analysis such as object detection, defect detection, image editing, segmentation, feature extractions, action recognition, etc.

Trillo Document AI

Using Google Document AI, it provides end to end processing of converting unstructured data (in documents, forms, images, etc) to structured data.

Trillo DICOM

Trillo DICOM is a service for transferring radiology images from hospitals and laboratories to Google Cloud and store.

Industry Solutions

Several Trillo customers are building innovative applications using Trillo Platforms and enjoying the benefits of worry free customization, cost, time and flexibility. The following is the list of a few of such solutions.


  • Google-like search.
  • AI driven recommendations.
  • Combine Google analytics, trend and public datasets for valuable insights.
  • Trillo platform provides required integration and orchestration.


  • Data warehouse by ingesting data from EMR/EHR with the BigQuery.
  • DICOM and HL7, FHIR applications.
  • AI/ML models for radiology images.
  • Data analytics


  • Mapping curriculum onto course objectives using NLP.
  • NLP for micro instructions.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and NLP for virtual education.


  • Using AI Vision for property assessment, damage detection.
  • Risk assessment using ML Models.
  • Document processing using OCR / Google Document AI


  • Media assets – storage, archival, access control, search indexing.
  • Transcoding, Speech-to-text for NLP.
  • Image/photo editing using AI/ML
  • Super resolution

Customer Care

  • Google Dialog Flow for automated customer care, Q&A.
  • Customer care transcription analysis using NLP.
  • Sentiment analysis using NLP.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Team Trillo delivered. On-time. All the time. And like icing on the cake, they are sincere, fun & super easy to talk to & work with. And they manage to do all of this with supreme professionalism & uncanny expertise in their domain. Building a platform to support 500 million users off the bat, was made possible with their in-depth knowledge … We are very appreciative of all the collaboration & work put in by Trillo to help us get to where we are today. We look forward to continuing this partnership

Shivani & SridharCo-CEO’s, Vishwam Corp

I just wanted to express my sincere gratification to the tremendous help you offered Preventa Medical. This was true “white-glove” treatment, as everything was clearly laid out in a very easy to follow guide. Given Preventa Medical is a small start-up, it significantly helps to have another set of experts reviewing our HIPPA protocols. I truly feel confident that our system is drastically better after the help of Trillo than it was before.

Eric P. HasseyCTO, Preventa Medical

Trillo was instrumental in getting our cloud database setup by ingesting data from our Electronic Medical Record System (EMR). Trillo team lead the entire project from the design and implementation of the infrastructure, migration of the data, and even helped us write queries to get insights into our patient data. We would recommend them for any data project.

Andrew StevensProduct Manager, Eleanor Health

You really set up for success and the most important self-sufficiency. Through your training and all links provided in the GCP portal, we are able to tackle most tasks alone. What’s even more impressive is we were able to use all of this to tweak our system further and see a 30% boost in performance and stability of our system!

Alan CohenCEO, Ecom Electronics

Several years ago, the mapEDU team developed an AI-driven curriculum mapping service for professional schools. To serve more users and to allow those users to run as many scenarios as needed for continuous improvement, we needed to convert the product to a cloud-based solution. The Trillo team has done an excellent job of converting our core product to a hosted solution using Google Cloud Platform and a variety of Google services and we look forward to continuing to grow and innovate with them.

Joel HeinrichsCEO, MapEdu

Trillo helped us modernize our Vehicle Storage System in weeks using Trillo and migrated us to the cloud. Before that, we were running our desktop application on-premise with security and data loss risks. Now we can use it from anywhere and on any device. Thank you, team Trillo.

Naresh SawhneyCEO, Valet

Why Trillo?

A Fraction of Cost

Using Trillo Workbench, we can stand up your solution for a fraction of the cost. You could save 100s of thousands to millions. You do more and innovate faster.


Highly Optimized Solutions

Trillo helps you design applications that are lightweight, modular, and easy to maintain. We optimize the GCP resource usage for the best price to performance ratio


Complete Solution Delivery

Startups to enterprises, all types of companies are using Trillo to deliver complete solutions. We combine your domain knowledge with technologies. Low Code Trillo Workbench helps jump-start the application.


No more Cloud Complexities

You will be free of the complexities of technologies, DevOps, CI/CD, cloud service provisioning, etc. Trillo Workbench provides in-built CI/CD, DevOps, and cloud service provisioning. Or, Trillo team can work as your DevOps team and help create a CI/CD pipeline using the best practices.


Cloud, On-Premise, or Edge

You decide where to deploy the application. Deploy on cloud, premise, or edge. Trillo-built solutions are so lightweight that they can run anywhere without a limitation. Let us show you how?


Security, Scalability, Reliability

You can be worry-free. Trillo will provide Google level security, scalability, and fault tolerance.


Affordable Pricing

Trillo Workbench


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Trillo File Manager


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Let's Build Something Together

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