Success Stories
We have built domain libraries and delivered solutions in Insurance, Finance, and Life Sciences. The platform is capable of solving complex business requirements in numerous business domains.

This is a very powerful demo showcasing the rapid development capabilities of the Trillo platform. This fully-functional small application was built in 5 working days; and we started with 2 images representing a fictional bank!
The use case we demonstrate, however, is completely real and in use at several banks. The idea is to show a bank user with several credit cards, with the ability to lock and unlock credit cards in case the user is unable to access them for any reason. Additionally, the user may order a replacement card or pick it up at a nearby branch in case a card is missing or damaged.
The application flow evolved during the 5-day development cycle, as Trillo enables us to prototype and build the "real" application concurrently!

This is one of our applications in production, and it is for managing a fleet of RV's while they are housed at a storage facility.
This application is fully customizable and it allows a storage facility to assign and track an extensible number of tasks that need to be completed for each stored RV. The location of each RV is also known and may be tracked and reported. We offer very easy user management in case of highly-dynamic storage environments. There is also the ability to scan bar codes and take photos of an RV.
We have had this application in production for almost a year and we have encountered no production issues thus far. This is due to one of Trillo's critical built-in low-code features, i.e. the ability to use large amounts of pre-hardened and stable code to build your application.

Trillo offers a very rich set of application templates. These templates enable a developer to build a specific type of an application very rapidly, as the majority of the work is done by our platform! One of our application templates is named "Dashboard", which may be used to present data visually using various kinds of charts. Currently, data may be presented as line, bar, radar, doughnut & pie, polar, bubble, and scatter charts. Among many use cases, this capability is ideal for building reporting/dashboarding application.
Additionally, one of the great features of Trillo is that you may start to see your application functioning end to end without utilizing any real data or even connecting to a database. The platform does this by using the notion of "Test Data", which is data that may be typed in directly into the platform and seen in action instantly. This application showcases the dashboarding features of Trillo in a very elegant and visually-pleasing manner.

This is a demo of a patient monitoring application. An InVision design was converted into a live prototype using Trillo in one day.

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