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Use Cases

Trillo has readymade templates for several use cases that can be customized quickly to deliver the solutions as per your requirements. Some of these templates are described below.

01. Data Warehouse

  • Ingest data from several data sources (Sales Force, NetSuite, Oracle, Workday, APIs, etc.).
  • Data transformation scripts.
  • Data caching, creating materialized views.
  • Scheduling queries, federated queries to create materialized views.
  • Scheduling data ingestion tasks.
  • Extensive logging and reporting of the processing pipeline.

02. AI Driven Workflows

  • Insurance claim processing using AI vision (damage, object detection).
  • Photo gallery processing using AI driven editing.
  • Curriculum mapping on outcomes using NLP similarity matching.
  • OCR, Document AI for processing documents and extracting structured data.

03. AI Vision

  • Creating a training pipeline.
  • Creating inference clusters.
  • Object detection, damage detection model.
  • AI Driven photo/image editing and enhancements

04. Storage

  • Storing documents, vidoes, images in the cloud storage (Terabytes of data).
  • Text and metadata extraction from the files.
  • Search indexing.
  • Access control rules to control file and folder access to users with certain roles, or in a group.
  • SFTP to transfer files (in addition to the gsutil).
  • UI for browsing, upload/ download, sharing

05. New Web Applications

  • Uses our inbuilt user management applications
  • Create new database tables, databases using UI (no coding needed).
  • Write business logic as serverless code and deploy in a click.
  • Scalability, security, compliance, etc are inbuilt.

06. Natural Language Processing

  • Text similarity matching – such as resumes vs jobs, question vs content.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Entity extraction.
  • Semantic search.
  • BERT transformers.

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