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Trillo Doc AI

Document Ingestion and Processing

How does the ingestion process work?

Can I process different types of documents?

How do I know which documents have been processed?

Is the system able to handle large volumes of documents?

Structured Data and Schemas

How are documents with specific structures like contracts, purchase orders, and invoices handled?

Can I have separate schemas for different types of documents?

Search and Interface

Is there a chatbot interface for searching information?

Customization and Technology

Can the system be customized or extended?

What underlying technologies and components are used in the system?

Can the system generate tables or other formatted outputs based on queries?

Does the system have the capability to highlight or annotate text within documents to show where answers are found?

Pricing and Costs

What is the pricing structure for the Trillo Doc AI solution?

What is included in the startup fee?

Are there any additional costs for support or future customizations?