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Trillo Doc AI

Leverage cutting-edge AI and natural language Q&A to find answers and actionable data from your document repository.

“Trillo Doc AI is amazing! Its ability to provide complex answers derived from our product catalog data is astounding. Even our human support staff is impressed with the comprehension and accuracy of query results.” - Trillo Customer

Trillo Doc AI is an intelligent cloud-based document management system. Search your structured and unstructured company documents using natural conversational language to extract key information or receive human-like answers.

What is Trillo Doc AI?

Trillo Doc AI is an Intelligent AI document management system that mines company documents using Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI parsers. Using natural language phrases, users can search documents, including structured documents like invoices and purchase orders, at a deeper level to find better results with more context than ever before. They can have ChatGPT and Google like conversational experience on those documents

The problem with current document search

Company documents contain a wealth of information that is often difficult or impossible to find and use. Manual searches of thousands or hundreds of thousands of documents often come up short. Current document keyword search applications are not much better and often result in poor or contextually-limited results. It costs companies millions due to the loss of productivity, higher cost of customer service, and customer loyalty.

How Trillo Doc AI solves the document search problem

Imagine if you could have a ChatGPT or Google Search-like experience for your company documents. Not only would this improve the search experience and results but it would also enable new use cases.

Instead of searching a database of resumes using keywords to find a job candidate, what if you could search your resumes using a natural language phrase like “Find me a Java engineer with similar qualifications to John Doe”.

What if your search application had the power to understand context and could return complex answers instead of just a list of documents? Imagine using a search phrase like: “Search all commercial leases that expire within a year and return a list of the address, rent, terms, and fees for each contract.”

HR departments, service companies, manufacturers, etc. often have customer or employee-facing support pages that provide poor search results. This frequently results in end-users giving up on search and making a phone call to support to try to find the answers they need.

What if customer support search results were so efficient and accurate that users could use natural language searches and immediately find the answers they needed without having to call support?

These are the types of search capabilities that Trillo Doc AI provides for documents stored in your data warehouse.

Trillo Doc AI Features

Organize documents in a hierarchy of folders.
RBAC rules at folder and file levels.
Operations on files and folders using API or UI: Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, Download/ Upload/ Bulk Upload, Ingestion
Semantic search using API or UI.
Semantic matching to match a given document’s vectors against all available documents using cosine similarities.
Question and answers using generative AI APIs.
PHI, PII and PCI data redaction.

How does the Trillo Doc AI solution work?

Trillo Doc AI processes documents using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Document AI processors. It reads the content of documents using OCR or libraries such as PDF libraries. It classifies each document using an LLM-based classifier. Based on the classification, it uses a processor to extract structured data from the content or processes it as a text document.

Text documents are summarized, chunked, and converted to vectors (text embeddings). These vectors are stored in a vector database for semantic matching.

Why use Trillo Doc AI?

Trillo Doc AI Differentiators

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