We are delivering web and mobile applications within weeks and at a low cost, running on Google (GCP) and other clouds. We are assisting the existing solutions in a great many ways.

You bring domain expertise, solution architecture to the table. We complement it with our experience of modeling, UI/UX, scalability, security, cloud cost optimization, performance, etc. We can help you validate concepts quickly by converting to fully functional MVP/POC. We work with you in developing a roadmap of the application and its rollout.

A list below shows a few use-cases.

Cloud Cost Optimization

We are experienced in cloud cost optimization. We reduce your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and right-sizing computing services to scale.

Application Portfolio and Business Migration

We have experience in moving data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. We have accomplished different types of cloud migrations which an enterprise or business can perform, from a local, on-premises data center to the public cloud.

Application Modernization

We have helped customers update decades-old technology to modern platforms. With in-depth industry knowledge, we use a tools-based approach and fully automated migration.

Large-Scale Kubernetes Clusters

We have built, managed, and operated many self-service Kubernetes clusters that can run anywhere. We have created API-driven workflows, central authentication, and application-specific policy enforcements, thereby delivering consistent infrastructure which scales on demand.

Highly Optimized ML/AI

We are machine learning practitioners having sound knowledge about the theoretical underpinning of the optimization frameworks used for standard machine learning algorithms. It includes using the data effectively and estimating the computational load for processing a large data set.


We have experience in creating new business models enabled by IoT, the value of ecosystems, all kinds of network connectivity, protocols, sensors, devices, gateways, architecture, cloud platforms, edge analytics, or predictive maintenance. We are up-to-date on standards and security.

Compliance and Regulations

In many cases, like healthcare, migrating to the cloud will require protecting sensitive workloads while achieving and maintaining compliance (e.g., HIPAA) with complex regulatory requirements, frameworks, and guidelines. We can help support your compliance and regulatory requirements for the cloud.