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Trillo NLP

Trillo NLP provides a customizable NLP solution.
Trillo provides the architecture to use NLP models of your choice.

  • Process several types of files and extract text for NLP.
  • Deploy your models as microservices.
  • Use Google Cloud NLP service.
  • Ask Trillo’s team to develop custom models.
  • Store results in the database and publishes as APIs.
  • Use Trillo Workbench to generate reports.
  • Topic Extraction
    • Extracts the topic of a document by analyzing its text.
  • Keyword Extraction
    • Automatically extracts keywords or terms used in a document.
  • Named Entity Recognition
    • Extracts given named entities found in a document from a given list of entities.
    • Model can be fine-tuned to identify custom entities of a specific domain’s corpus.
  • Document Similarity
    • Extracts similar documents to a given text from a large corpus of documents.
    • Model can be fine-tuned on a given domain’s corpus to extract embedding vectors to be used in domain specific similarity search.
  • Sentiment Analysis
    • Extracts positive, negative or neutral sentiment of a given text.
    • Model can be fine-tuned to identify customized labeled sentiments or classes for a specific domain’s corpus.
  • Custom Speech To Text
    • Convert Speech to Text using a custom model.
    • Provides speaker recognition.
    • Model can be fine-tuned to a specific domain’s speech files if corresponding text files are available.
  • Speech feature extraction, such as
    • Long Pauses.
    • Filler words like um, aaa, ummm etc.
    • Pitch.
    • Pace of speaking (fast or slow).

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