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Trillo Workbench

Trillo Workbench is a low-code and serverless platform for building custom solutions on the Google Cloud. 100s of happy customers are using it and building innovative solutions.

Why Trillo Workbench for Google Cloud

Google Cloud ecosystem provides terrific services. But it is missing a tool that allows you to quickly add relational database tables, write business logic, orchestrate business processes, and specify access control rules. You can’t bridge this gap without a high-powered team of architects, DevOps engineers, and developers. Trillo Workbench bridges this gap for several use-cases using a model-driven, serverless architecture and providing several pre-built components.

Trillo Workbench bridges this gap for several use-cases using a model-driven, serverless architecture and providing several pre-built components.

In some ways, Trillo Workbench is analogous to the Google Firebase product, but for relational databases, and goes beyond Firebase by providing several application components and other services.

How Trillo Workbench complements Google Cloud

Trillo Workbench complements several Google services and make it simple to use them within a serverless function or as API.

  • Trillo Data Service using Cloud SQL, BigQuery, BigTable
  • Trillo Serverless Functions Trillo’s own implementation of Java and MVEL Serverless Functions.
  • Large Scale and Secure File and Document Storage using Google Cloud Storage Buckets
  • Trillo AI/ML Vision, Natural Language using Google Cloud Auto AI/ML
  • Trillo DICOM, FHIR using Google Healthcare API
  • Long-Running Jobs using Trillo tasks, scheduler, Kubernetes cron, Air Flow
  • Scalability, Fault Tolerance using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Security using Google Cloud Identity Platform, OAuth2, KMS, De-identification
  • Additional AI/ML using Trillo Microservices running on the Google Cloud

Trillo Workbench Deployment Architecture

Trillo Workbench consists of a set of microservices running on GCP. They are deployed on the top of Kubernetes (GKE).

Trillo Workbench Features

  • Microservices Runtime: A set of microservices deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Model Driven Database Schema: Specified using a UI by following the Model Driven Architecture principles.
  • Serverless Functions: Written using a code editor in the browser or popular IDE. These are deployed with the pre-running services (no CI/CD needed).
  • Files and Document Management: Using the Google Cloud Storage bucket, Trillo provides a scalable and secure file management system that scales to 100s of terabytes.
  • Security: OAuth2, OpenId Connect, Google Cloud Identity, SAML, Directory Service, HIPAA compliance. Trillo provides a user, roles, and groups management UI out of the box.
  • Scalability: Horizontal using stateless microservices deployed on Kubernetes.
  • Fault-Tolerant: Due to microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes in multiple zones and regions.
  • Performance Tuning: Using several optimization techniques such as database calls optimization, background executions, distributed Redis, efficient caches built-in DB, etc.
  • Network Data Security: Best practices recommended by Google, SSL and SFTP (public/private key pairs).
  • Data Security at Rest: Support for custom key encryption using GCP KMS.
  • Access Control: Role-based access control, custom roles definition, user groups for data, and file segmentation.
  • Audit Logs: In-built logging for important business events, detailed logging using Stackdriver logs.
  • Log Running Jobs: Supports background tasks that can run for a long time (minutes, hours, or days) with support for status monitoring, restart, cancellation, transaction control, etc.
  • Scheduler: Trillo Scheduler and Kubernetes Cron Jobs.
  • GCP Integration: Several GCP services are pre-integrated, such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL, BigTable, Healthcare APIs.
  • Custom API: Parameterized database queries and serverless functions automatically become available as a remote API. Besides, CRUD and pagination APIs for all database tables are available automatically.
  • Reporting: Custom report creation using UI. Audit logs and tasks reports are available out of the box.
  • Graphing and Charting: Available out of the box using Plotly library.
  • Dashboards: Users can create custom dashboards.
  • UI Development: Using Trillo secure APIs, you or Trillo team can build custom UI using any popular framework (React, Angular) or native applications on iPhone and Android. An external UI can embed the reports, charts, and dashboards built using Trillo Workbench.
  • Data Studio Integration: Trillo platform provides out-of-box secure integration with Data Studio.
  • Text Extraction Service: Trillo provides an out-of-box service to extract text from files of many formats and store them in the database.
  • AI/ML Services: Trillo Platform integrates with GCP AI/ML services. Besides, it has its own AI/ML models and services for Vision, NLP, Classifications.
  • Entire GCP Ecosystem: Trillo platform provides several features that a cloud application needs and, you would typically build using open source technologies. It also opens up access to the entire GCP ecosystem. We will work with you to integrate any GCP service you may need.
  • No CI/CD: No CI/CD needed by you.
  • Git for custom code: A set of microservices deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Runtime: All your serverless functions, schema definitions, etc., are stored in Git for version control.
  • Trillo FIle Manager: Includes full functionality of Trillo File Manager.

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