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Trillo Workbench - Business Perspective

Trillo Workbench is a platform for building new applications on a cloud by writing 70-90% less code and corresponding savings in time and cost. Included are Trillo File Manager and Trillo Doc AI, both important for new AI-driven applications.

Trillo Workbench is a low code development and runtime environment for cloud based applications. It provides common services needed for applications. According to industry data, these services make up 70-90% of code in an application. By eliminating the need to build a large percentage of code in each application, it saves millions of dollars and months of effort. By hiding cloud complexities, it eliminates difficulties in building a new cloud application.

Trillo Workbench also includes two horizontal applications that are critical for modern applications. These can be used out-of-the-box or customized for business specific workflows using Trillo Workbench.

  1.  Trillo File Manager – A DropBox-like product in a customer’s cloud environment for securely managing large numbers of files and distributing them.
  2. Trillo Doc AI – An application to process documents using generative AI (large language models) and provide semantic search, summarization, question and answer, and data extraction capabilities.

Problems - Building applications using conventional approach

In a conventional approach, a team builds the application by performing the following 3 tasks.

  1. Design cloud architecture for security, scalability and fault tolerance.
  2. Build a core platform for common services using open source stack. It includes features such as database integration, file management, security (authentication, authorization, RBAC), external APIs integration.
  3. Write application code.

According to industry analysis, steps 1 and 2 take up 70-90% time and budget. Unfortunately they are repeated in each application further compounding the problem. For a large company, it may result in costing 10s to 100s of millions each year,

Solution - Build Applications using Trillo Workbench

Using Trillo Workbench, steps 1 and 2 of the conventional approach are eliminated completely. Application developers write application code by performing the following tasks.

  1. Build application data models using Trillo Workbench UI.
  2. Write serverless functions for application logic and deploy using Trillo Workbench UI.

By eliminating steps 1 and 2 of the conventional approach, Trillo Workbench saves millions of dollars in the initial development cost. These savings are extended over the lifecycle of an application. It further saves hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars during the maintenance phase.

For a medium size application, we estimated a saving of 1M in the initial development and 10-30K per month in ongoing maintenance. The reference section provides links to documents providing more details of savings. Cost Saving Worksheet for a Typical Application

Trillo Workbench is Proven in the marketplace!

  • Trillo Workbench has been available for over 5 years and is running applications in production environments for numerous companies (100+ deployments).
  • Our partners, tier-1 Software Integrators (SIs) are using it in several customer projects globally.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline development by avoiding 70-90% of code duplication.
  • Time Savings: Save valuable time, potentially months, in each application project.
  • Cost Reduction: Achieve significant cost savings, amounting to millions of dollars per project.
  • Sustained Savings: Continue to save during the maintenance phase, with hundreds of thousands preserved for each application.
  • Adaptability: Easily adapt to changing business needs.
    Innovation Catalyst: Foster a culture of innovation and accelerate your development processes.

Key Features

  • Trillo Workbench abstracts cloud infrastructure as APIs so an application’s programmers don’t see cloud complexities. They can start writing application code using metadata and serverless functions.
  • The Trillo Workbench platform provides enterprise grade security, scalability, and reliability.
  • You can start with proof of concepts (PoCs) of applications rapidly and incrementally convert PoCs to production deployment.

Pricing Model

Trillo Workbench Platform Subscription

  • Trillo Workbench starts at $650 per month per 4 CPU node deployment.
  • Trillo Doc AI & Trillo File Manager included.
  • Critical and major bug fixes.
  • Monitoring of security vulnerabilities and providing fixes in a timely manner.
  • Maintenance Releases

Premium Support Subscription

  • $2,000 per month 24/7 support team availability

Enhancement Services Subscription

Extend the Trillo Workbench experience with the Enhancement Services subscription available at $5000 per month for each enterprise customer. It includes Premium Support above.

This comprehensive offerings provides:

  • 24/7 support team availability.
  • Timely WB enhancements required by your applications.
  • Upgrade releases with new improvements in features, performance and support for backward compatibility.
  • Visibility to the Trillo Workbench product roadmap and opportunity to influence it.
  • Application and cloud architectural review and guidance.

Slot in custom applications on the top of running Trillo Workbench