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Trillo Workbench is a platform for building applications dynamically. Trillo Workbench provides common functions and a way to plug in application-specific code as modules at runtime. By incrementally adding modules, you can develop an application in steps. Based on our experience, Trillo Workbench can save you 60%-90% time required to build an application. It is currently available on Google Cloud.

Without Trillo

  1. Need to develop a platform to glue cloud services and common functions together.
    Generally done starting with the open source.
  2. The development requires time consuming cycles of develop, build, deploy (traditional CI/CD, DevOps).
  3. In our experience development of a core platform takes 6-18 months depending on the complexity and flexibility required.
    Includes time to add functionality, robustness, scalability, high performance, APIs etc.
  4. Traditional CI/CD based development increases application development 2-3 times.


With Trillo

  1. Start building application modules on the runtime of Trillo Workbench. Trillo Workbench deployment in a new GCP project takes less than 30 minutes.
  2. Normally in 2-6 weeks, glue services together and have application ready.
  3. Concurrently build UI/UX.
  4. AI/Ml Modelling is outside Trillo Workbench. It leverages Vertex AI and model serving for integration.
  5. Trillo has in-built and fully customizable connectors for enterprise applications such as NetSuite, Workday, Harvest, Smartsheet.

Trillo Workbench

  • AI-Powered marketing strategies
  • Live customer support chat widget
  • Automatic scaling campaign tools
  • Adaptive testing/reporting